Cherkassy Oil Pipeline Directorate Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Date of publication: 15 September 2020

Cherkassy Oil Pipeline Directorate is celebrating its 50th anniversary since the beginning of its activities. The company is one of the largest branches of Transneft Urals.

A new business unit within the Urals-Siberian Oil Pipeline Directorate (now Transneft Urals) was established in 1970 due to the need to ensure oil transportation from Western Siberia fields to the Western direction.

Today, company's area of responsibility includes sections of oil and petroleum products pipelines with a total length of over 1.75 thousand km. The branch includes seven line operation dispatcher and petroleum products pumping stations, a utility vehicle and special-purpose machinery department, a central maintenance division, as well as Ufa custody transfer point, through which oil is delivered to three oil refineries located in Ufa. Oil compounding, i.e. maintenance of necessary parametres of its quality, including the sulfur content, is carried out automatically at Nurlino LODS.

In 2016, the reorganisation of Transneft Urals branches was carried out to include the Ufa Production Directorate business units (formerly – the Uraltransnefteproduct branch) in the Cherkassy Oil Pipeline Directorate. Cherkassy OPD’s headcount is about 1.5 thousand employees.

The branch capacity is constantly being upgraded. In recent years, a new production and laboratory building was commissioned at the Nurlino LODS; the Ust-Balyk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetyevsk oil trunk pipeline operating facility and the chemical analytical laboratory were completely renovated, a new oil and petroleum products’ lease automatic custody transfer unit was also commissioned. Technical upgrading of oil and petroleum products tanks and systems of technological processes automation are being carried out; the truck loading rack has been renovated. The Salavat-Ufa petroleum products trunk pipeline revamping was completed, with over 90 km of line and new long underwater crossings via the Belaya and the Ufa Rivers constructed.

Cherkassy Oil Pipeline Directorate employees, including young specialists, take an active part in all areas of Transneft Urals activities, such as professional skill contests, sporting events, charity and volunteer activities.

Featured photo: The Cherkassk OPD executive office.

Other photos: the Nurlino LODS tank farm, the Cherkassy-PP oil pumping station tank farm, the Ufa custody transfer point — outside and inside; archival photos of the Nurlino LODS (pump house, station construction), 1973.