Transneft Ural Replaces Trunk Pipelines Sections in Chelyabinsk Region

Date of publication: 31 August 2020

Transneft Ural has replaced trunk pipelines sections in Chelyabinsk Region as part of revamping.

The scheduled works were carried out in accordance with the technical upgrading and overhaul programme; overall, two sections with a total length of more than 3 km were replaced.

During the works at the Tuimazy – Omsk – Novosibirsk-2 oil trunk pipeline (TP-TON-2), specialised reinforced concrete weights were used, since the section to be replaced is located in a swampy area along the Kurlady lake. In total, 173 sets of enclosing weights with a total weight of about 585 tonnes were used to ballast the line.

After the pipeline was laid in a trench and filled with soil, its geometric parameters were monitored, hydraulic testing was carried out using an in-line inspection tool - a multichannel geometry tool.

During the scheduled replacement of the Ufa – Petropavlovsk petroleum products trunk pipeline (PPTP) section, two underground crossings via motor roads were built. The crossings were laid in a closed way using the method of horizontal directional drilling, traffic was not blocked. At intersections with highways, the petroleum products pipeline is protected by specialised casings, 800 mm in diameter.

Specialists carried out land rehabilitation, restored soil and natural terrain slopes. The connection of the sections was carried out during the period of the scheduled reduction in oil and petroleum products transportation by 80 and 60 hours, respectively.

All works were completed as scheduled, the trunk pipelines are operating under standard protocol, transportation of oil and petroleum products is currently carried out to the full extent and on time. The measures taken will ensure a high level of operating facilities reliability.