Transneft Urals Commissions Oil Tank

Date of publication: 31 August 2020

After the technical upgrading, Transneft Ural has commissioned the 5 thousand m3 oil tank at the Yazykovo line operation dispatcher station (LODS) in Blagovarsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

During the technical upgrading, a partial replacement of the tank wall was carried out - metal structures with a total weight of 46.3 tonnes were installed. The total weight of the tank's metal structures is 120 tonnes, its height is almost 15 m, and its diameter is over 21 m. Anti-corrosion coating was applied to inner and outer surfaces of the replaced steel structures with the total area of over 3.2 thousand m2. Process pipelines were completely replaced at the section from the switching unit to the tank.

The tank dike was repaired - a bulk protective structure up to 2 m high, 0.5 m wide at the top and 3.5 m at the bottom. To increase the dike stability, its walls are fixed with geogrids filled with crushed stone.

At present, the revamping of another vertical steel tank with a volume of 5 thousand m3 continues at Yazykovo LODS’s tank farm.

The work was carried out within the scope of the technical upgrading and revamping programme. The goal is to maintain the reliable and safe operation of pipeline infrastructure facilities.