Transneft Urals Holds Firefighting and Tactical Drill at Kanashi Oil Pumping Station

Date of publication: 06 August 2020

Transneft Urals has held a firefighting and tactical drill at the Kanashi oil pumping station of the Chelyabinsk Oil Pipeline Directorate.

According to the drill scenario, “damage” to the mainline pump unit occurred in the Ust-Balyk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetyevsk (UBKUA) oil pipeline pump house, which led to a "leak" of up to 20 m3 of oil followed by a "fire". The automatic fire-extinguishing system was also “damaged”.

Crews, which included members of volunteer and onsite fire brigades of the Kanashi and Yetkul stations of the Chelyabinsk fire station (FS), acted using standard fire extinguishing equipment. The “fire” was contained in an area of 380 m2. At the same time, buildings, structures and process equipment were cooled to prevent the spread of the "fire". The fire guard of the Kanashi PS departmental security team has cordoned off the drill site and ensured evacuation of PS employees from the danger zone.

The “fire” containment and elimination task was successfully completed. The degree of readiness of firefighting units was determined, extinguishing techniques and methods, as well as communication organisation, were polished. The coordination of fire crews’ activities was also checked.

During the drill, all requirements to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection were met, the personnel used the necessary personal protective equipment and kept the social distance.