Transneft Urals Conducts Emergency Response Drill at Oil Trunk Pipeline Underwater Crossing

Date of publication: 17 July 2020

Transneft Urals has conducted an emergency response drill at the Tuimazy – Omsk – Novosibirsk-2 (TON-2) oil trunk pipeline underwater crossing across the Tobol River in Kurgan Region.

According to the drill scenario, a pressure drop occurred at the TON-2 underwater crossing, after which the dispatcher simulated a shutdown of oil transportation. To eliminate the oil trunk pipeline’s "damage" and its consequences, units of the emergency line maintenance divisions of the Yurgamysh, Khokhly and Medvedskoye line operation dispatcher stations, the Vargashi oil pumping station, as well as of the emergency response and restoration department of the Yurgamysh Central Maintenance Division, set out towards the emergency site. Specialists of an environmental analysis laboratory were sampling and analysing soil and water during the entire duration of the drill. Employees of the Kurgan brigade of the Urals Interregional Directorate of Departmental Security were guarding the location of the drill.

The participants in the emergency response drill installed booms, deployed oil skimmers and tanks for temporary storage of the oil.

67 people were involved in the drill, and 22 units of special-purpose and associated equipment were used, including 3 fire trucks.

During the drill, actions to contain the spill and collect oil, replace the oil trunk pipeline’s defective section, conduct environmental and analytical control and other operations, carried out in response to a man-caused emergency, were practiced. The drill’s goals were also to improve interaction between business units, to polish knowledge and skills of the personnel related to actions in natural and man-caused emergency situations.

Thanks to the prompt and well-coordinated actions of the personnel, all tasks were completed within the prescribed time limits.