Transneft Urals to Perform Diagnostics of Over 5,600 km of Pipelines in 2020

Date of publication: 23 January 2020

In 2020, Transneft Urals will conduct diagnostics of more than 5,600 kilometres of oil trunk pipelines (OTP) and petroleum products pipelines (PPTP), as well as of process pipelines at its line operation dispatcher and petroleum products pumping stations.

The total length of the trunk pipelines operated by the Company is 8,317 kilometres.

In 2020, it is planned to carry out in-line inspection (ILI) of 40 OTP sections with the length of 5,125 km, 8 PPTP sections (over 503 km), 10 sections of process pipelines (5.5 km).

The diagnostics works will involve in-line inspection tools (PIGs) developed and manufactured by Transneft Diascan. This equipment is based on the application of various physical principles (ultrasonic, magnetic and combined inspection tools) and allows to comprehensively assess the pipeline condition.

Operational capacities inspection is an important requirement for improving the reliability of the oil and petroleum products pipeline transportation system and a key factor in ensuring the industrial and environmental safety of Transneft Urals’ operating facilities.

In 2019, ILI was carried out at 31 OTP and PPTP sections with the length of 2,100 kilometres, which is 25% of the total length of the trunk pipelines operated by Transneft Urals.