Transneft Urals Conducts Firefighting and Tactical Drill at Leninsk LODS

Date of publication: 26 September 2019

Transneft Urals has conducted a firefighting and tactical drill at the Leninsk line operation dispatcher station, the initial facility of the Chelyabinsk Oil Pipeline Directorate.

vertical floating-roof steel tank (VFRT-20000 No. 8) with oil was "violated". As a result, air-gas mixture "exploded", which led to the roof of a tank at the Leninsk LODS’s tank farm being partially torn off and a fire breaking out across the entire area of the product in the tank (more than 1,600 square metres). The automatic foam extinguishing system at the burning tank was damaged, and the water cooling system remained operable. To complicate the task, the following conditions were added to the plot of the drill: the boiling of oil resulted in an explosion, which damaged an administrative and amenity building. A "fire" broke out in the building, and 2 people were "injured".3According to the drill scenario, the technological process of filling a 20,000 m

The drill was conducted in three stages, forces and means of fire emergency response units were gathered in real time. At the first stage, priority actions to extinguish the tank with the forces of the on-duty guard of the FFFS contractual fire protection service using mobile fire extinguishing equipment and fire protection systems of the tank farm were practised. At the second stage, fire extinguishing actions conducted by the duty forces of the Miass and Zlatoust local fire guard garrisons, units of departmental, private and voluntary fire guard of the Chelyabinsk OPD were practised. At the third stage, forces of the territorial fire and rescue garrison of Chelyabinsk Region, including an airmobile group of Specialised Fire and Rescue Unit of the FFFS, were involved in the extinguishing.

In total, 165 people and 23 units of firefighting equipment, including 130 people and 12 units of equipment from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, were involved in the practice.

The firefighting and tactical drill’s programme was successfully completed in full compliance with the tasks defined by the methodological plan and the Fire Extinguishing Plan. The simulated elimination of the fire and its consequences was completed within the standard required time.