Transneft Urals Switches to Unified Supervisory Control System

Date of publication: 12 September 2019

Transneft Urals has introduced a unified supervisory control system (USCS). Control over the oil and petroleum products trunk pipelines (OTPs and PPTPs) serviced by the Company has been completely transferred to the Ufa regional control centre (RCC).

Until recently, the flow of oil and petroleum products transported through the OTPs and PPTPs within Transneft Urals’ area of responsibility was controlled by district control centres located in the Company’s branches (the Chelyabinsk, Cherkassy, Arlan and Tuimazy Oil Pipeline Directorates). The Ufa RCC carried out monitoring, without control.

With the introduction of the USCS, control was completely transferred to the Ufa RCC, located in Transneft Urals’ executive office. RCC’s dispatchers directly interact with local operators, monitor the operation of all OTPs and PPTPs in the Company’s area of responsibility in real time, carry out monitoring and control activities, and also transmit information to Transneft’s Central Control Centre in Moscow.

Integration of emergency control automation systems and leak detection systems into the USCS helps to quickly respond to unacceptable changes in pumping parameters and prevent emergencies and accidents when the oil flow is blocked or the controlled process section of the pipeline is destroyed.

In addition, the use of the new supervisory control and data acquisition system allows to conduct in-depth analysis of the actual parameters of oil and petroleum products transportation, access data archives to analyse dynamics of trunk pipelines’ operation parametres and collect data on equipment status and process parameters.

The commissioning of Transneft Urals’ unified supervisory control system will optimise  controlling the Company’s operational capacities and increase efficiency of oil and petroleum products transportation.