Transneft Urals Holds Comprehensive Emergency Response Drill at Yazykovo LODS

Date of publication: 11 June 2019 Print

Transneft Urals has held a comprehensive emergency response drill (CERD) to contain a simulated emergency oil release from an oil tank. Yazykovo line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Tuymazy Oil Pipeline Directorate (OPD) was selected as the venue of the drill.

The purpose of the event is to maintain permanent readiness of forces and means to respond to possible accidents, incidents and equipment failures at oil trunk pipeline facilities and to mitigate their consequences; to train the personnel at Tuymazy OPD and its business units in prompt emergency response, containment and mitigation of emergencies, as well as in saving the lives and health of the personnel, reducing environmental damage and physical and financial losses.

Extra tasks were also included in the emergency response drill plan, in addition to the key occurrence (simulated oil release from a tank). The employees were to fix a malfunction of a safety valve, restore the operability of a boiler house after failure of a booster pump, ensure voltage supply to an electric drive of a gate valve and respond to an accident at a fuelling station, including extinguishing of a simulated fire.

The CERD engaged 147 participants, among them 17 representatives of non-regular emergency rescue teams of the central maintenance division of Tuimazy OPD and Yazykovo LODS, 9 members of the volunteer fire brigade and 12 Svyaztransneft’s employees. A total of 38 pieces of equipment were used. In addition to that, 6 people and 2 vehicles from fire fighting units of the Federal Fire Fighting Service for the Republic of Bashkortostan were involved in the drill.

The fire fighting units arrived at the site and extinguished the “fire” that had caught the oil spilled over the dike area. Environmental analysis laboratory specialists from Tuimazy OPD kept monitoring the environment the whole time of the CERD.

Thanks to the prompt and well-coordinated actions of the staff, all the assigned tasks were completed within the prescribed time limits. Due to that, observers from Transneft Urals and Tuimazy OPD, who were supervising the progress of the comprehensive ERD, expressed a high opinion of the drill and its results.

The event was held according to the schedule of emergency response drills at Transneft Urals for 2019.