Transneft Urals Puts into Operation Three New Mainline Pumps at Medvedskoye LODS

Date of publication: 08 August 2018 Print

Three new mainline centrifugal oil pumps (NM 10000-210) manufactured by Transneft Oil Pumps were brought into operation at Medvedskoye line operation dispatcher station (LODS) affiliated with Kurgan Oil Pipeline Directorate of Transneft Urals. The work was done under the Technical Upgrading and Revamping Programme of Transneft Urals for 2018.

Two mainline pump units (MPUs No. 1 and 4) were mounted in the oil pumphouse of the Ust-Balyk – Kurgan – Ufa – Almetievsk (UBKUA) oil trunk pipeline (OTP), with one more (MPU No. 1) at the oil pump house of the Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuibyshev (NKK) OTP.

The work included installation and connection of new pumps to process pipelines, automation oil supply, leakage collection and draining systems. The previously used pumps were disconnected and dismantled.

This was the first occasion of installing the pumps manufactured by Transneft Oil Pumps at Kurgan Oil Pipeline Directorate. Two units of all installed (MPU No. at NKK and MPU No. 1 at UBKUA) are the first pumps manufactured by Transneft Oil Pumps under proprietary design documentation. One more was manufactured by Transneft Oil Pumps under the design documentation from Turbonasos.

The new mainline pump units, as compared to the previously used ones designed by Nasosenergomash (manufactured in the 1970s) offer higher reliability and efficiency, longer time between overhauls.

The installation of new pumps will improve the operational reliability of equipment and safe transportation of oil.