Ufa Hosts Extended Meeting of the Transneft Expert Board

Date of publication: 01 February 2018 Print

 “The Oil and Gas Industry of Russia: Positive Dynamics in 2012-2017 and an Outlook for Growth” was the subject of an extended meeting of the Transneft Expert Board that took place in Ufa.

The Expert Board participants included Timur Bezymiannikov, General Director of Transneft Urals; Askar Aminov, Deputy General Director; Dmitry Orlov, Director of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications; Yuri Shcherbanin, Head of the Oil & Gas Trading and Logistics Department at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; heads of some other entities within the Transneft system (the Pipeline Transport Institute, Ufagiprotruboprovod, the Ufa Branch of Transneft Diascan as well as representatives of the expert and academic community.

The meeting participants discussed the basic trends in the oil and gas industry in the last five years, geological exploration and production of mineral resources as well as the issues of oil and petroleum products transportation. “Creating new pipeline systems for hydrocarbon export in Russia has made a major contribution to the reinforcement of Russia’s image of a reliable economic partner,” Mr. Orlov noted.

The domestic fuel and energy complex is the catalyst of the national economic development. It plays a significant role in such important areas as import substitution where Transneft is one of the leaders. Today, 94% of equipment and materials used by the Company are manufactured in Russia. Furthermore, Transneft manufactures high-tech products essential for the industry: for example, the manufacturing of modern pumps has already become local.

Another important matter reviewed at the Expert Board meeting is specialist training for the pipeline transport industry. Here, links between production and professional higher education in particular, as well as science in general are extremely important. Promoting this interaction could be considered one of the most important aspects in the industry’s positive dynamics, the experts noted.

A good example is the engagement between Transneft Urals and Ufa State Petroleum Technological University (USPTU). The Company helps the university in developing its infrastructure, equipping labs and provides students with hands-on experience at its industrial facilities; the Company also participates in occupational guidance events on a regular basis (“Career Fair”). What’s more, every year best USPTU graduates defend their qualification works at Transneft Urals, USPTU students participate a lot in research and engineering conferences of Transneft and the best ones are granted corporate scholarships, whereas teachers are endowed with social bonuses which help them follow on with their academic research and methodological efforts. In its turn, the university improves and updates its own curriculum, searching for new methods and forms of work to provide graduates with relevant knowledge and the industry with promising rookies. In the opinion of the Expert Board participants, this closeness between science and production benefits both of them, while the very model of interaction between the Company and University is worthy of replication in other regions.