Timur Bezymiannikov, Director General of Transneft Urals, delivered a lecture to students of USOTU (Ufa State Oil Technical University)

Date of publication: 12 September 2017 Print

Timur Bezymiannikov, Director General of Transneft Urals, delivered a lecture to students of pipeline transportation faculty of Ufa State Oil Technical University (USOTU).

His speech was an important part of work of Transneft Urals with students of specialized universities. The public, mostly consisting of first year students, could get a complete insight about prospects of young specialists’ work with the enterprise’s facilities.

The Director General told the students about the mentoring system functioning at the enterprise and a number of other measures contributing to quick adaptation of young personnel. Timur Bezymiannikov informed on the requirements for young specialists who have just graduated from a university and on the career development prospects.

The issues discussed during the speech were as follows: organization of practical and on-the-job training at pipeline transportation facilities, importance of scientific work (firstly, in the form of participation in Transneft Youth Science and Technology Conferences), young specialists’ rights and obligations. Timur Bezymiannikov as well briefly told about history of Transneft Urals - the oldest and one of the largest entities of Transneft system.

Following the meeting’s results, the audience mentioned that such lectures are of great interest and the obtained information will help in their further professional orientation.

For reference:

Many graduates of USOTU traditionally are employed with Transneft Urals. Young specialists’ training is performed on the basis of the Agreement and Contract on Collaboration between Transneft and USOTU and the annual Joint Activities Plan. Each year 25-30 school leavers are enrolled by USOTU by the assignment of Transneft Urals. Annually more than 120 first year students pass practical training at the facilities of Transneft Urals, and more than 300 students pass on-the-job training.