Transneft Urals commissioned four new boiler houses

Date of publication: 04 September 2017 Print

Transneft Urals commissioned four new boiler houses - at Mrakovo and Shkapovo oil pump stations (OPS) of Tuymazy Oil Pipeline Directorate, Andreevka-PP LODS (line operation dispatcher station) of Arlan Oil Pipeline Directorate and Khokhly-PP LODS of Kurgan Oil Pipeline Directorate. Commissioning of the boiler houses will make significant contribution to increasing the enterprise’s energy efficiency, will allow reducing expenses for heating supply of industrial facilities.

New external heating networks were constructed at industrial sites of Shkapovo and Mrakovo OPS (the previous ones were dismantled); pipes in plant urethane-foam insulation were used upon that (2,070 metres - at Shkapovo OPS, 1,050 metres - at Mrakovo OPS), which allows reducing waste of heat energy. Tanks for backup fuel and searchlight towers for lighting of boiler houses’ sites were assembled; power cable lines, automation and alarm cables were laid.

The constructed boiler houses (boiler houses of Shkapovo OPS and Khokhly-PP LODS were produced at Transneftemash Factory of Transneft Upper Volga) are equipped with steel hot water boilers, using natural gas as main fuel and oil as backup fuel. At the same time individual automated heat supply stations (IAHSS) were constructed in the OPS buildings: 12 IAHSS were constructed at Shkapovo OPS, 5 IAHSS at Mrakovo OPS. Boilers for boiler houses and components for individual automated heat supply stations (heat calculators, electromagnetic flow meters) were produced at Russian enterprises.

Commissioning of a boiler house at Shkapovo OPS will provide a possibility to stop using purchased heating energy in full. Using governor components of network and circulator pumps at the boiler house of Mrakovo OPS will allow securing significant saving of heating energy.

Two more boiler houses were commissioned at petroleum product line operation dispatcher stations (LODS): Andreevka-PP and Khokhly-PP. A full set of necessary equipment and constructions (fuel tanks, gas pipelines, fuel pipelines, water pipelines, external heating networks (with pipes in plant urethane-foam insulation with zinked coating) was assembled at the stations upon their construction.

The boiler houses are equipped with two boilers of home manufacture with total capacity of 1 MW and 4 MW correspondingly.

Earlier heating supply of Andreevka-PP and Khokhly-PP LODS was performed from third-party sources; now the stations obtained independent heating source. It as well allows securing fuel saving due to the possibility to regulate heating modes taking into account season, weather conditions, time of day and other factors.

Construction of the boiler houses and heating networks was performed as part of the Technical Upgrading and Revamping Program of Transneft Urals.