70th Anniversary of Tuimazy Oil Pipeline Directorate

Date of publication: 28 August 2017 Print

Festive events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Tuimazy Oil Pipeline Directorate (OPD) of Transneft Urals, JSC took place on 26 August, 2017 in Tuimazy city and Subkhankulovo village.

The Alley of the First was established at the Square of the First Oil Pipeline Operators within the framework of the celebration of Tuimazy Branch’s anniversary. The ceremony was attended by Head of Tuimazy District Administration Aydar Sufiyanov, Chief Engineer of Transneft Urals, JSC Ildar Muharyamov, Deputy General Directors of the Company Ildar Huziakhmetov, Askar Aminov and Pavel Kirillov, Head of Tuimazy OPD Alexey Salnikov, Chairman of the Joint Trade Union Organization Ramil Gaisin, and Managers of Branches and Departments of the Company management apparatus.

In his speech at the ceremony, Ildar Mukharyamov wished that the square and alley opened in the Year of Ecology would become a good present to the city and one of the favorite recreation places of Tuimazy citizens.

Besides, the opening of a new modern building of Tuimazy OPD equipped in accordance with all requirements was held within the framework of the the festive events. The building is located in the southern part of Tuimazy (until recently, the Branch Office was located in Subkhankulovo village).

Another part of the festive events was the opening of an alley named after Otar Fedorovich Tibilov who headed Tuimazy ODP for 20 years and made a great contribution to the establishment of collective and labor traditions of the Branch, strengthening its status as the largest production unit and the main test site of Transneft Urals, in the village of Subkhankulovo. The initiative to rename the alley came from the veterans of the enterprise, and their proposal was supported by both Company management and district administration. This alley accommodates a house in which Otar Tibilov lived in 1956-1972. General Director of Transneft Urals, JSC Timur Bezymyannikov and company veteran Dmitry Frolov opened a plaque dedicated to the memory of the outstanding oil pipeline operator. Rafgetdin Talipovich Ayupov, machine operator of Subkhankulovo booster station and the only employee of Transneft Urals, JSC awarded with the title of Hero of Socialist Labor lived in the same building in 1975-1987.

Awards were given to the best employees of Tuimazy Oil Pipeline Directorate during the festive evening held in the House of Culture of Subkhankulovo village. They were awarded by Timur Bezymyannikov, Aidar Sufiyanov and Alexey Salnikov.

The holiday ended with mass festivities at the stadium of Subkhankulovo village.

Milestones of the History of the Tuimazy Oil Pipeline Directorate:

1947 – Shop of Tuimazy – Ufa Oil Pipeline

1954 – Subkhankulovo Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate

1964 – Tuimazy Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate

1999 – Tuimazy Oil Pipeline Directorate