70th Anniversary of Transneft Urals, JSC

Date of publication: 18 August 2017 Print

A celebration dedicated to the anniversary took place on 18 August 2047 at Bashkortostan National Concert Hall in Ufa. The specialists and veterans of Transneft Urals, JSC received corporate awards and letters of appreciation for their significant contribution to the development of pipeline transportation.

The honorary guests of the event were Prime Minister of Bashkortostan R.Kh. Mardanov and the administration of regions in which Transneft Urals, JSC actively operates - Minister of Economic Development of the Chelyabinsk Region S.A. Smolnikov and First Deputy Governor of Kurgan Region S.V. Pugin. They awarded the leading specialists of the company with certificates of honorary titles of the Bashkortostan Republic, Kurgan and Chelyabinsk Regions, and appreciation certificates.

On the same day a working meeting between R.H. Mardanov and Vice President of PJSC Transneft was held at the Government House of the Bashkortostan Republic. The meeting focused on the results of cooperation between PJSC Transneft and the region, and prospects for future collaboration. The parties evaluated the progress of establishing the Branch of Pipeline Transport Institute, LLC in Ufa - a modern scientific and technical center of pipeline transportation. The meeting also featured a discussion of the issue of safety related to the operation of pipeline transportation facilities in the region.

Transneft Urals, JSC significantly contributes to the development of the fuel and energy industry of the Russian Federation and represents one of the major taxpayers in the regions of its operation. The company remains a most significant center of the PJSC Transneft’s system due to the development and testing of advanced technologies and the active participation of its specialists in scientific and technological activities. New equipment samples tested at the facilities of Transneft Urals, JSC include ones developed under the Import Substitution Program of PJSC Transneft. The company participated in the implementation of a series of investment projects of great importance to the development of trunk pipeline and oil product pipeline systems of the Russian Federation.

Apart from its active economic operations Transneft Urals, JSC executes a number of projects in the social sphere, provides charity support to medical, educational and pre-school institutions, aids in the hosting of sport events in Bashkortostan, Chelyabinsk. Kurgan and other regions of operation. The company participates in the construction and development of socially significant facilities: schools, kindergartens, medical institutions and parks. Particularly, in 2017 Transneft Urals, JSC provided support in the engineering of 10 social facilities, allocating 88.5 million rubles for these purposes. The facilities will be constructed by the 100th Anniversary of the Bashkortostan Republic in 2019.

Reference Information:

In September of 1947 the first oil arrived at the cracking plant in Ufa from Tuimazinsk field through the Tuimazy-Ufa trunk pipeline. This moment is considered to be the onset of the company’s history and the development of the Ural and Siberian trunk oil pipeline system, which represents a converging point between the eastern and western parts of the PJSC Transneft pipeline system.

Having started its operation from handling a single oil pipeline less than 200 kilometers in length and up to 3 million tons of oil per year in capacity, today Transneft Urals, JSC operates over 9.6 thousand kilometers of trunk oil pipelines, which annually transport approximately 140 million tons of oil and 12 million tons of oil products over the territory of eight regions of the Russian Federation and Northern Kazakhstan.