Volunteer fire brigade of Tuimazy OPD (Oil Pipeline Directorate) is the best in Transneft Urals

Date of publication: 12 July 2017 Print

The results of the annual competitions for the title “The Best Volunteer Fire Brigade Crew of Transneft Urals”, conducted in Chelyabinsk at Metar stadium, were summed up.

The teams of five branches of the joint-stock company - Tuimazy, Chelyabinsk, Arlan, Cherkassy and Kurgan oil pipelines directorates (OPD) participated in the activity. The competitions’ programme traditionally included four exercises: overcoming a 100-metre obstacle course, fire relay race 4x100 metres, military deployment from a fire tanker and theoretical examination. Volunteer fire fighters showed their skills and abilities upon working with fire technical equipment, overcoming obstacles, fire extinguishing, using primary equipment, struck targets using a hand water barrel.

The crew of Tuimazy OPD became the winner in the team event with the best result in three of four exercises: 100-metre obstacle course, fire relay race and military deployment. The competitions’ host, volunteer fire brigade of Chelyabinsk OPD, took three second places in these categories and the highest score in theoretical training. The participants showing the best results will be included into the team of Transneft Urals and represent the enterprise at the all-Russian contest of Volunteer Fire Brigades of Transneft, which will be conducted in the beginning of August 2017 in Syktyvkar on the base of Transneft North.

Volunteer Fire Brigades of Transneft Urals include each tenth employee of the enterprise’s industrial facilities. Volunteer fire fighters practice the skills of using fire-fighting equipment, participate in emergency response drills on a simulated fire extinguishing, as well as in extinguishing forest fires posing a threat to the trunk pipeline’s facilities during spring and summer fire danger period.