Transneft Urals performed scheduled work at Ufa – Petropavlovsk petroleum product trunk pipeline

Date of publication: 12 April 2017 Print

Transneft Urals finished scheduled repairs at the Ufa – Petropavlovsk petroleum product trunk pipeline (PPTP), the Khokhly – Cherkassy section.

The 72-hour-long shutdown of the diesel pumping enabled to remedy the PPTP defects. The fuel was removed from the petroleum product pipeline sections intended for repairs into tank farms of line operation dispatcher stations and temporary storage tanks. The defects were eliminated by cutting out the spools, and spots for work were determined by running of PIGs.

The scheduled repairs were done under the company’s development programme, by engaging units of the Kurgan, Tuimazy, Cherkassy, Arlan, and Chelyabinsk oil pipeline directorates, and the flaw detection laboratory at the Specialised Directorate for Emergency Prevention and Response (SDEPR). Excavation was made, followed by cutting out and replacing of pipeline sections, welding and NDT of welded joints, and applying of insulation coating. The employees then filled the shut-down pipeline sections with diesel and brought the PPTP back to the routine operation mode.

Apart from that, midlife repair of a valve was done in the PIG trap at the Chelyabinsk – PP LODS. Process pipelines were disconnected from the linear portion of the Ufa – Petropavlovsk PPTP at the Berdiaush – PP LODS.

No acceptance of petroleum products from refineries was discontinued by the PPTP for the period of repairs. The diesel pumping was restored in full within prescribed time.

Scheduled repairs at the Ufa – Petropavlovsk PPTP were held to ensure trouble-free operation and environmental safety of the Transneft Urals trunk pipeline system.