Transneft Environmental Policy

Being a key element of Russia’s energy sector that ensures its final performance, Transneft sets the maintenance of a high level of environmental safety of Transneft production facilities as its highest and unchangeable priority.

Realising the potentially dangerous impact of its technologically complex activities on the environment, Transneft shall develop and operate the main pipeline transportation system for oil and oil products and perform related works in such a manner as not to harm the environment and to ensure the highest level of environmental safety of its activities.

Environmental safety principles of Transneft:

Transneft responsibilities for protecting the environment and ensuring environmental safety apply to all structural subdivisions of Transneft and organisations of the Transneft system, and are included in the system of business relations of Transneft with government authorities, partners and other stakeholders.

To company with the above principles, Transneft sets the following goals and objectives:

Transneft believes that compliance with these provisions is a key to ensuring environmental safety of its activities and performing socio-economic tasks aimed at implementing the State Policy in the Field of Environmental Development of the Russian Federation for the Period until 2030.